What really happened in Maui? You can't trust the mainstream media and politicians to tell the truth

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Was the extent of the carnage of the deadly wildfire that tore through the town of Lahaina made worse by a series of events that occurred well before the first flames?

Rebel News' Alexa Lavoie and videographer Lincoln Jay were on the ground after the fire to investigate the full story because you can't trust the mainstream media and the politicians to tell you the truth.

Alexa has also been reporting on what the political left calls bigotry: preserving women's only events for biological women.

The decades-old Miss Italy competition has made the completely normal decision to exclude biological men identifying as transgender women from the pageant, a rule in line with a pre-existing policy preventing those who have undergone cosmetic procedures from participating.

Alexa joins the show tonight to discuss these topics and what she is working on next.

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