Liberals delay euthanasia expansion for three years but our MAID documentary project is well underway

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The federal government has cited a lack of readiness in the healthcare system and not enough doctors willing to participate in the expansion of the medical assistance in dying (MAID) program to expand it to encompass those whose sole underly condition is mental illness.

Thank God. But a delay isn't good enough.

As my documentary filmmaking partner Kian Simone and I have learned, consistent available data demonstrates that people are opting for medical killing because of a lack of purpose and an inability to participate in meaningful activities.

They aren't choosing suicide because of pain, although that's what proponents are saying. There's a medical solution to pain. There isn't one to despair.

What we see is a societal failure to commune with our friends, family, and neighbors coupled with a failure of our medical system, both of which are driving people to embrace a swift death cloaked as compassion.

But MAiD is anything but compassion for the people left behind; the friends and family feel helpless stop a loved one's march to death, cut out of the process altogether.

We've learned a lot these past few weeks working on our latest documentary MAID: The Dark Side of Canadian compassion. On today's show I sit down with Kian to discuss the work we've done so far to detail Canada's quick descent into a culture of death.

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