Alberta's electricity grid averts catastrophe thanks to coal — but not Alberta coal

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The Notley-Trudeau coalition euthanized Alberta's electricity independence by an escalated phase-out of the reliable base-load energy source.

So, when the Alberta grid was fast with a near disaster due to cold-weather-driven energy demand that could not be met, coal-fired electricity from Montana, Saskatchewan and Wyoming was added to meet the needs of Albertans struggling to stay alive in the extreme cold.

The NDP thought leaders, like former leader Brian Mason, are blaming the voting habits of hillbillies for the failings of a renewables-contaminated grid.

In the face of her policies resulting in potential deaths due to cold, NDP leader Notley has just resigned, triggering what could be a comically woke leadership race.

GUEST: Robbie Picard from Oilsands Strong discusses the NDP energy disaster and the anniversary of his showdown with Jane Fonda in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

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