What happens when our banks become infested with climate hysteria?

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It's already happened. Many large financial and insurance companies examine major industrial projects through an environmental social governance lens, which may result in the termination of financial services to major employers if the proposed project doesn't mean Paris Agreement C02 emissions targets.

It's carbon social credit and it's coming for the rest of us too.

We already saw a version of this political debanking happen to supporters of the Freedom Convoy in 2022, when those who threw financial support behind the anti-mandate protest saw bank accounts frozen and financing denied through Farm Credit Canada.

What's stopping the federal government from replicating this tactic against those they deem carbon criminals?

Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science joins me tonight to discuss the problem of environmentalist banksters, what's really happening with Justin Trudeau's tree planting scheme and her side project wherein she sets the narrative straight on the Indian residential school issue.

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