Toronto has a new mayor and the rest of the country should care even if you never plan to go anywhere near the big smoke

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Olivia Chow, a far left radical and widow of former NDP leader Jack Layton was just sworn in as the replacement to scandal-plagued outgoing mayor, John Tory.

And it's already bizarre.

A serious housing affordability crisis is crippling the city and yet, Chow is already making a mockery of the office with her spectacle of a swearing-in ceremony.

And that's not all. Chow is now accused of benefiting from foreign influence to propel her to the mayor's chair.

With so many bad ideas being born of Toronto municipal politics and being loosed on the rest of us, Canadians should have a worried eye on the centre of the Canadian universe.

Remember how the gang violence in Toronto gave way to a gun grab on the rest of us?

Joining me tonight is Rebel News mission specialist David Menzies to discuss Toronto's new mayor and his take on woke pop culture.

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