Alberta's latest budget delays one promise and fulfills another — The Gunn Show

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Premier Danielle Smith campaigned on tax cuts for all Albertans but the latest budget from her UCP government delays the new 8% tax bracket for the first 60k of earnings, phasing it in over 2 years beginning in 2026.

However, the budget is balanced and the government is paying down the debt and investing surplus into the Heritage Savings Trust Fund.

Then, as though Canadians aren't being hammered hard enough with the Trudeau Liberals inflationary spending, the highly unpopular carbon tax is jumping up again on April 1.

Trudeau's tax on everybody and everything is bumping up 23% to $80 per tonne.

Kris Sims of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation joins the show tonight to discuss the good and the bad in the Alberta budget, the carbon tax wars being waged by the prairie provinces against the Liberals, and Trudeau's expensive new censorship law, Bill C-63.

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