Calgary's former mayor announces leadership bid for the Alberta NDP

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After years of pretending to be a non-partisan purple centrist -- neither a red Liberal nor a blue Conservative -- Naheed Nenshi has donned New Democrat orange, vying to replace longstanding leader Rachel Notley.

With a well-oiled political machinery from his eleven years as Calgary's mayor, it looks like Nenshi has the momentum to get the job done.

But can he win over Albertans?

Only a few days into the campaign and Nenshi appears destined to take low road over his stalwart Conservative competitor Danielle Smith.

The former mayor went so far as to call the reigning UCP government "immoral and dangerous" in his launch video.

Nenshi is hoping to smear his way to the top job. No sweet platitudes or pretending to be conservative as he did to become mayor.

Along with his resources comes a back catalogue of divisive things he's said about Albertans over the past few years. Comments he wants Albertans to forget.

Premier Danielle Smith commented on Nenshi's entry into the NDP leadership race Wednesday afternoon.

She claimed Alberta's Official Opposition doesn't know what kind of party it wants to be. her government "immoral and dangerous."

GUEST: Peter McCaffrey of the Alberta Institute discusses the Alberta budget and Nenshi's turn from purple to orange.

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