Rebel News investigates the impact of the Abraham Accords on the Middle East

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The Trump-negotiated peace treaty between the United Arab Emirates and Israel has set off a chain of events that has caused peace to break out in the region.

A new era of economic normalization, integration and cultural exchange was born three years ago as part of former President Trump's vision for the Middle East, one of peace through cooperation.

The agreement between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco has spawned a boom in trade. According to the Abraham Accords Peace Institute, trade between the countries sat at $3.37 billion in 2022, up 82% from 2021.

And Rebel News is here to witness the beauty of these accords firsthand.

Rebel News' Head of Documentaries, Kian Simone, joins the show tonight to discuss what he saw on his first trip to Israel and how the media is getting the story of Israel's relationship with the Middle East all wrong.

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