Conservatives need to reject climate hysteria and the hyperbolic language of the left

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Conservatives move the battlefield of ideas closer to their home front when they concede the language to the left.

For example, we see conservative politicians all across the country adopting the language of 'net zero' and using the phrase 'carbon pollution' as opposed to carbon dioxide.

But when conservatives do this, they acknowledge the validity of the left's climate change arguments.

At the recent Conservative Party convention in Montreal, some conservative grassroots organizations spoke of green conservatism as the answer to the alleged problem of a human-induced climate emergency.

The problem with acknowledging climate change as an emergency is that now license is given to the government to address the weather as an existential crisis, using any and all tools to stop it.

And we've all seen what the government does when faced with what they call an existential crisis. We've just lived through the Covid catastrophe that never was and the government's response to the Freedom Convoy.

Tom Harris from the International Climate Science Coalition joins me tonight to discuss the reasons why conservatives should reject the hyperbolic language of climate hysteria.

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