New book gives a first-hand account of the Freedom Convoy

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The People's Emergency Act by key convoy participant Tom Marazzo retells his role as part of Canada's single most significant human rights demonstration in a generation.

The Freedom Convoy, led by Tamara Lich, currently on trial in Ottawa for her role as an organizer, was the peaceful anti-mandate demonstration sparked by Prime Minister Trudeau's nonsensical introduction of a vaccine mandate on cross-border truckers some two years into the Covid-19 pandemic.

The convoy protested in the streets of Ottawa for nearly four weeks, beginning at the end of January 2022, until the Federal government invoked a never-before-used counter-terrorism law, The Emergencies Act, to give the authorities unprecedented powers of search, seizure and arrest to euthanize the blue-collar uprising.

Tom's book tells a story not told anywhere else in the media as someone responsible for executing good-faith dealings with the City of Ottawa and the convoy.

Tom joins me on the show tonight to discuss his new book and the latest on Trudeau's House of Commons Nazi scandal.

To get a copy of Tom's new book, click here.

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