The Liberals are hypocrites on anti-Israel hate marches

While the Freedom Convoy was falsely accused of arson, there have been real arson attacks in support of Gaza terrorists in Canada.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau treated the peaceful anti-mandate Freedom Convoy participants and their supporters to an anti-terrorism law which froze their bank accounts, while supporters of the outlawed terror group Hamas continue to rally unabated on Canadian streets.

Trudeau and his enablers in the subsidized media called the convoy participants names. They spread misinformation about freedom-loving Canadians who went to their nation's capital to be heard.

Trudeau prattled on about "hate-filled" attacks against his ministers and racialized people when the peasants dared to speak truth to those in power.

But now, as racialized MPs like Conservative Ziad Aboultaif are accosted in the streets by anti-Israel protesters, Trudeau is silent.

Trudeau has been lukewarm when MPs and Senators were blocked from going to work last week by Hamas apologists in Ottawa.

The same terrorist sympathizer mob blocked MPs' offices across the country in previous weeks, including Trudeau's constituency.

While the Freedom Convoy was falsely accused of arson, there have been real arson attacks in support of Gaza terrorists in Canada.

A firebombing at a Montreal synagogue and three shootings at two Jewish schools in Montreal are all under investigation.

The convoy was accused of harassing businesses during the three weeks of demonstrations last winter. Instead, it brought revenue to otherwise slow establishments.

However, these anti-Israel protesters are defacing and harassing businesses for the crime of being owned by Jews or supporting Israel.

Will Trudeau use counter-terrorism law, the Emergencies Act, the same one he used against the Freedom Convoy, to put a stop to these Iran-backed hate rallies on the streets of Canada?

Has he blocked the bank accounts of the participants in these neo-Nazi jamborees with their chants for open genocide of Israelis and their support for an outlawed terrorist organization, Hamas?


Because for Trudeau, the "Emergency" in the Emergencies Act was the opposition to him, not the danger of a genocidal ideology supported by the enemies of Western civilization, percolating in the streets of Canada.

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