Ezra Levant: The media finally ramps up scrutiny of Trudeau's China ties

Rebel News' Ezra Levant discusses recent allegations surrounding Justin Trudeau's ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

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The Globe and Mail has intensified its investigation into China’s donations to the Trudeau family and its attempts to infiltrate Canadian society. This is a welcome move. But you probably read that in my book China Virus three years ago!

It's not the first time the paper has shown it is capable of doing investigative work. Three years ago, it broke the news that Trudeau was training Chinese soldiers at Canadian military bases. It was the biggest scoop of my life.

The story was a result of an access to information document that was greyed out but not blacked out. The Globe and Mail deserves credit for its in-depth reporting on China's attempts to undermine and infiltrate Canada. Steve Chase is the subject matter expert, and he often collaborates with Bob Fife, their senior reporter.

It's good to see the paper finally investigating Justin Trudeau's links to the Chinese Communist Party. Some might say, "Where have they been all this time?" It's a valid question. 

But it's better late than never. And I believe that part of what's motivating The Globe and Mail is Trudeau's brazen lying, which has become a hallmark of his tenure. Trudeau is lying even while accusing The Globe and Mail of lying. This was evident when he claimed only racists would suggest that China is undermining Canada. Trudeau's use of personal attacks, calling people racist, or whatever, doesn't work against The Globe and Mail, the ultimate establishment organization.

Credit must also go to Global News, which has been doing some excellent journalism. I can’t even believe I’m saying those words. The Liberal response has been to deny everything. But that approach isn't working. And it's great to see these media outlets using their investigative muscles after years of propagandizing for lockdowns and Pfizer.

Trudeau's CBC state broadcaster knows its role: to defend the regime. Its headline is a denial of the accusations. Then it briefly mentions the accusations. And then the first “expert” they quote says it’s a fake accusation. It's an absurd way to cover news.

But it's good to see The Globe and Mail doing some real journalism. It must feel good for them, after years of not doing so. I hope to see more of it.

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