'Tims Camps' marginalizing youth based on vaccine status

Tim Hortons Foundation Camps, also known as 'Tims Camps,' are further marginalizing and segregating vulnerable and at-risk youth with unscientific vaccine mandates.

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Shortly after I launched a petition to let all children, regardless of their medical status, attend Tims Camps, the hashtag #BoycottTimHortons was trending on Twitter.

It’s a camp for underprivileged kids, and yet Tim Hortons is discriminating against them if they do not comply with a novel mRNA injection that is showing to have disastrous outcomes as evidenced by the monthly Pfizer drops.

While some misinformed people on Twitter think that this is a camp for sick or immunocompromised people, that is not the reality. As told by my colleague Alexa Lavoie, who attended Tims Camps for seven consecutive years as an at-risk youth, the camp was founded by hockey legend Miles Gilbert “Tim” Horton who wanted to send all of the children to camp who were otherwise not able to afford a camp experience.

The youth that are approved for the camp experience typically come from low-income, often single-parent households. The camp provides youth with a challenging summer experience where they are able to push boundaries and gain self-confidence. Later, youth transition to the leadership camp where they receive resume assistance and training, leadership guidance, and can go on to obtain post-secondary scholarships.

“This camp made me who I am today,” said Alexa, who noted that the children who attend have parents that cannot afford to send them to more prestigious camps. “These children need this experience of life, preventing them from that is just horrible.”

This is especially true for an ineffective, novel injection that does not prevent transmission or infection.

Denying children this opportunity is cruel and unwarranted. If you agree, head over to my petition and sign it here.

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  • By David Menzies

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