WATCH: Topher Field's call for Christians to REJECT government idolatry

Christians urged put faith in God over government at Brisbane's Church and State event.

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Amid the backdrop of the Church and State conference in Brisbane, prominent libertarian and founder of The Aussie Wire, Topher Field, delivered a powerful message urging Christians to reject idolatry and return to faith.

Topher's commentary highlighted the failure of the church during the COVID-19 pandemic, asserting that many Christian leaders had succumbed to putting government over God.

He criticised the response of Christian pastors who, upon hearing of the pandemic, chose to close their doors and direct congregants to seek assistance from governmental agencies. In his view, such actions demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of a Christian pastor and a betrayal of the core tenets of the gospel.

According to Topher, the church in Australia had replaced God with the government, allowing state institutions to assume roles traditionally attributed to divine providence.

Drawing parallels to the Old Testament, Topher argued that the government had encroached upon domains reserved for God, such as providing wisdom and healing.

He lamented the consequences of this idolatry, particularly evident during the pandemic, and emphasised the need for repentance and a return to faith.

Topher's remarks underscored a broader call to action for Christians to recognise their complicity in elevating governmental authority above spiritual devotion. He envisioned a revival rooted in genuine repentance and a restoration of God's primacy in the hearts and minds of believers.

In an era marked by increasing political disillusionment and societal unrest, Topher's message resonated with many attendees, reflecting a growing sentiment among Christians seeking to reassert their faith in the face of secular influence.

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