Toronto brewery distances itself from Poilievre after event, is that commonplace?

We visited the Steam Whistle Brewery to see if they send out letters distancing themselves from other politicians who host events at the venue, or if it's a privilege reserved for Conservatives.

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On Tuesday April 19, Pierre Poilievre swung by downtown Toronto to stage another standing-room rally, this time at the Steam Whistle Brewery.

While a good time was had by all, the evening ended on a bitter note – not due to anything Mr. Poilievre said or did, but rather, thanks to a bizarre letter that was distributed later that night by the brewery.

The missive was written by Sybil Taylor, the communications director for Steam Whistle, and it states the following:

Re: Event booking in Locomotive Hall, Roundhouse April 19th 2022 Pierre Poilievre Meet and Greet.

Steam Whistle received a last-minute booking for this event on April 13th. Steam Whistle is in no way affiliated with Pierre Poilievre, does not endorse his political views, nor did the brewery sponsor the event. The candidate submitted an inquiry and went through the traditional booking process as any other paid client would for an event booking, whether it be for a wedding, corporate event or private gathering.

Over our 22-year history, a number of different political candidates/parties from all three branches of the Canadian government have rented our community event space(s). We do not choose our clients; rather they choose our venue for its amenities, size and location. We have upcoming bookings for other political events this year.

Contact Sybil Taylor [email protected] for further information.

Interesting… it appears that Steam Whistle Brewery, being situated in leftist Toronto, received some blowback from the cancel culture mobsters. And so it is that the brewery is now distancing itself from Pierre Poilievre and “his political views.” Of course, Steam Whistle did not distance itself from taking Mr. Poilievre’s money for the booking, mind you…

And since Ms. Taylor offered up her email for “further information”, I responded. Here were my three questions to her:

1. What was the purpose of this letter?

2. What prompted you to write this letter?

3. You state in the letter that other political events have been staged at the Steam Whistle venue. In the aftermath of those events, do you send out letters similar to the one you distributed regarding the Pierre Poilievre event last night?

The response? Silence.

So, we visited the brewery to get Sybil (or any other spokesthingy) on camera. We waited for more than an hour, and yet nobody would engage with us. Apparently, there was an important board meeting going on. Apparently, the feedback Steam Whistle is receiving from that pathetic letter is both voluminous and furious.

And talk about a self-inflicted wound resulting in a PR black eye!

The leftists that condemned the Poilievre event likely still loathe Steam Whistle for allowing it to occur; meanwhile, Steam Whistle has now created a new enemy base — namely, Poilievre supporters who are livid over that ludicrous letter.

How sad. How Cowardly. And one must ponder: in the months to come, given that Steam Whistle is seemingly pissing off everyone on the political spectrum, will this brewery be the latest corporate entity to experience that debilitating affliction known as, “Get woke, go broke”?

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