Toronto mayoral candidate Rob Davis is literally taking it (debates) to the streets— he has to

The political elites who choose who gets invited to mayoral debates continue to shun Davis.

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The number of candidates vying to become mayor of Toronto now stands at a staggering 102(!) Alas, this is a result of former mayor John Tory resigning in disgrace in February after it was discovered that his dishonour was horizontally jogging with a subordinate employee, Emily Hillstrom. (So much for leading by example during the COVID years, when Tory forcibly shutdown Hogtown restaurants and painted “social distancing circles” upon parkland. What a hypocrite; what a fraud; what a loser…)

Candidate Rob Davis is one of those 100+ candidates running for mayor. But these days, he feels a bit like the political version of Rodney Dangerfield in that he’s gets no respect. At least when it comes to getting invited to a formal debate.

Granted, it’s impossible to accommodate 102 candidates in a debate. But a time-honoured benchmark for getting an invitation was whether the candidate had ever held elected office in the past. This is indeed the case with Rob Davis, who served as both a school trustee and a city councillor, both for the old city of York and Toronto post amalgamation.

And yet, there’s suddenly no room to accommodate Davis? Why?

Maybe he is too much of a threat to Olivia Chow, the current frontrunner (if you believe the polls, that is.)

Davis maintains that if a Torontonian owns a house or a car or both, then Chow is an enemy given her lust for taxing and spending – not to mention putting in more bike paths and demolishing the Gardiner Expressway. And he is champing at the bit to debate her.

So it was that when Davis could not get admitted the most recent debate, he set up a makeshift podium on the sidewalk outside the debate venue on Charles Street in downtown Toronto. That’s where Davis handed out his literature to passers-by and welcomed friendly debate with those who did not agree with his positions. Check out what ensued.

In the meantime, we once again offer our standing invitation to all other candidates who wish to be interviewed. Kindly reach out to Rebel News at [email protected] and we shall make it so.

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