Toronto police target David Menzies for second time in brutal arrest

Rebel News journalist David Menzies was brutally arrested after attempting to ask questions to anti-Israel protesters.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra examined the shocking arrest of David Menzies at a vigil in Toronto marking six months since the horrific October 7 terrorist attacks on Israel.

The Rebel News reporter was attempting to question anti-Israel counter-protesters at the event before police physically removed him from the gathering and placed him in the back of a paddywagon.

A number of anti-Israel protesters can clearly be seen on the video pushing Menzies while he was reporting on the scene and trying to ask questions.

Menzies was held in custody for over three hours simply for practicing journalism in Justin Trudeau's Canada. During the arrest, Menzies suffered a deep cut to his head as police were transporting him into their vehicle.

Menzies has repeatedly been targeted by law enforcement while doing his job. Just a few weeks ago, Toronto police arrested Menzies at an anti-Israel demonstration after he attempted to ask protesters questions.

In another shocking and violent arrest, police arrested Menzies while he was asking questions to Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland outside of an event near Toronto.

As stated by Ezra Levant, "When they put David in the back of that police truck and slammed his head on the roof and when they handcuffed him and made it very painful for his shoulders, that's on them."

"And don't think that someone gets their head smashed into a police vehicle without the absolute determination by the police that that's what they're going to do to him," he added.

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