Toronto residents react to the refugee crisis

While politicians continue to welcome refugees to Canada with open arms, cities like Toronto do not have the housing infrastructure to support them.

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Toronto’s shelter system is currently receiving 300-400 new asylum seekers a month, with no plans of slowing down. With minimal space in the city’s shelter system, many refugees have been forced to live on the streets.

The situation has garnered national media attention as two churches in the city are currently providing shelter for over 200 refugees who were sleeping outside a downtown Toronto shelter intake centre.

The city is asking residents to offer rental units to refugees for below average market rent. Mayor Olivia Chow says she's dedicated to providing shelter and support for refugees, but where, exactly, are all of these people supposed to go when we just don't have the space?

Toronto is already in the middle of a housing crisis. The average price of a one-bedroom rental is just over $2,500. We have 400,000 refugees coming into Canada per year. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has even admitted the population is growing faster than the supply of housing.

With out-of-control crime, drug use and poverty plaguing the city, what further strain is the refugee crisis going to put on limited resources?

Visit our website at and sign our petition if you think politicians need to take a different approach to cleaning up the city of Toronto.

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