U of T administrators concerned about 'Islamophobia' at 'Little Gaza' tent city

David Menzies returns to 'Little Gaza', the anti-Israel tent city encampment protest occupying the lawn at the University of Toronto, where school administrators appear to be concerned about non-existent Islamophobia at the school.

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Only at a hopelessly woke and weak Canadian university would administrators fret over a problem that does not exist — all in the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Case in point: with regard to the illegal occupation by pro-Hamas supporters at the University of Toronto, the university’s media relations team issued a statement on Monday on the behalf of Sandy Welsh, Vice-Provost, Students, and Kelly Hannah-Moffat Vice-President, People Strategy, Equity and Culture.

(By the way, what in blue hell is a VP of “People Strategy, Equity [not equality] and Culture”?)

The statement read as follows:

We are concerned about large numbers of the broader public coming to campus for rallies and marches. There have been several incidents of particular concern, including reported assaults and hate speech. It is not clear how many of these involve individuals inside the encampment or members of the public. We have forwarded four reports to Project Resolute, a Toronto Police Service initiative to fight antisemitism and Islamophobia, for further investigation.

The one term in that word-salad that stood out for us was “Islamophobia.” What Islamophobia are Welsh and Hannah-Moffatt fretting over? Where is the Islamophobia at “Little Gaza”? Which Muslim students/staffers/and passers-by have been targeted with Islamophobic comments?

Indeed, on our numerous visits to this egregious encampment, we have witnessed precious little evidence (actually, zero evidence) of any so-called Islamophobia.

What we have witnessed, however, is ample evidence of antisemitism.

But are the administrators at the U of T really all that “concerned” about antisemitism, be it anti-Jewish slurs and even calls for genocide? This garbage isn’t even hidden anymore what with signage at “Little Gaza” proclaiming, “from the river to the sea” and “intifada.”

In fact, on Monday, Rebel News witnessed two elderly Jewish University of Toronto professors being physically barred from entering the encampment by young pro-Hamas thugs (one of whom proclaimed to be “Afro-Indigenous” — as if that alone serves as a Get Out or Jail Free card when it comes to breaking the law).

A pair of special constables merely looked on, saying almost nothing and simply shrugging their shoulders. Brutal.

But is the University of Toronto truly OK with the ongoing status quo here? Well, we actually don’t know anymore. U of T’s media relations department has stopped responding to our emails. Too many insensitive questions, we presume.

Bottom line: don’t expect this increasingly filthy encampment to voluntarily shut down anytime soon. The unhappy campers at “Little Gaza” are clearly not going anywhere; in fact, it is obvious they are pining for showdown.

So, why not give them what they are lusting after? Ye, until the University of Toronto calls in the Toronto Police Service (and so far, the U of T has not done so) and until there are concrete measures to shut down this rancid tent city once and for all, nothing tangible will happen. And adding to the paralysis by analysis is woke weaklings such as Welsh and Hannah-Moffat, who are fretting over a problem (“Islamophobia”) that does not even exist.

Expect this festering hate-fest to continue for weeks and perhaps even months to come.

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