Toronto's mayor gets COVID, even though he's fully vaxxed (and coerced others to get jabbed too)

Mr. Tory: when you recover, kindly apologize to the citizens of your beleaguered city for unnecessary roughness.

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On the eve of Good Friday, it was announced that Toronto Mayor John Tory, had contracted COVID. And so it is that he is now resting at his luxury condo as we await his resurrection in the days (or weeks or months) ahead.

Nobody should be happy that Hogtown’s head honcho has COVID and we wish him a full recovery. But ever since the experimental vaccine was unveiled, we were all told to get the jabs and we’d all be A-OK.

In fact the city even promoted vaccinations to children by offering them everything from free Harvey’s hamburgers to ice cream and balloons at Nathan Phillips Square.

Meanwhile, city employees who refused to get jabbed were suspended without pay. During this period, Tory, led by example. He is double-jabbed plus he has the booster shot. And he is (or was) due to get his second booster shot next month.

So, how can it be that he has COVID? Wasn’t the vax a magic bullet? Or could it be that this is experimental vaccine does NOT come as advertised?

And we must now ponder: does John Tory, a supposedly Conservative mayor, regret using the tactics of a banana republic dictator when it came to clamping down on the rights and freedoms of his citizens, all in the name of coronavirus safety?

Examples: — John Tory quite literally sent in all the king’s horses and all the king’s men to shutdown – as in forever – Adamson’s Barbecue. And how’s this for perverse irony? Just some 300 metres away from Adamson’s was a Coscto superstore.

And its foodservice operation was still frying potatoes and baking pizza.

Perhaps the coronavirus respects the patrons of big box stores but hates ma & pa restaurants? And in the department of insult to injury, the restaurant’s owner, Adam Skelly, was billed almost $200,000 for policing costs!

Nice… Speaking of foodstuff, how about Tory telling the fine citizens of Hogtown to mask-up in-between bites? Not that Tory ever subscribed to such madness when HE dined out, mind you.

Speaking of double standards, you know how we’re all being told by the authorities to embrace the “staycation”? As if many of us have a choice in the matter. If you’re not double-jabbed, after all, you are practically under house arrest in Canada.

You are not getting on a plane or a train. You will not cross the border (unless, of course, you are an illegal alien waltzing across Roxham Road, in which case the RCMP transform into the Royal Canadian Bellhop Service.)

But Tory recently hopped on a plane to Florida.

That’s right, while Ontario was arguably the most-locked-down region in all of North America, Tory was buggering off to Florida, the freest state on the continent.

We wonder why… Let’s not forget the “social distancing circles” painted onto the lawns of Trinity Bellwoods Park; High Park fenced off lest the commoners of Toronto converge to smell the cherry blossoms; and anti- lockdown protesters being arrested while the authorities turned a blind eye to supporters of Black Lives Matter, the Tamil Tigers, and Afro-Indigenous Rising.

Bottom line: here’s the story, Mr. Tory: when you recover, kindly apologize to the citizens of your beleaguered city for unnecessary roughness.

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