TEASER: Trucker Rebellion - The Story of the Coutts Blockade

See a sneak peek of 'Operation Bear Hug', a documentary on the standoff at the Coutts, Alberta border.

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For the last 10 days, Rebel News has been embedded inside the Coutts border protest, where hundreds of truckers blocked the border in protest of COVID-19 mandates.

It was a thrilling story that had a different development every five minutes. This pushed us into an evolution in our reporting style — posting breaking news and mixing it together in longer form.

We were unable to get our usual reports up in a timely fashion due to being in the middle of nowhere — Coutts is a village of less than 300 people.

We never stopped filming.

Instead of eight different reports, I decided to produce a full-length feature documentary. Here is the trailer to that documentary.

The convoys are still ongoing, we have journalists all over the country covering this story and we need your help to fund our efforts at ConvoyReports.com. Here, you can also fund this documentary.

The truckers obtained legal counsel, Chad Williamson, who is fighting tooth and nail for the protesters in Coutts. To help fund their legal defence, head to TruckerLawyer.ca.

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