Trans protesters demand increased rights, gender education in schools

Pro transgender supporters gather at Sydney's Town Hall to advocate for trans rights and the return of the controversial 'Safe Schools' program.

Trans protesters demand increased rights, gender education in schools
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Sydney's Town Hall was inundated with approximately 400 supporters on Sunday as they united to advocate for 'enhanced rights' for transgender individuals.

This gathering marked the 45th anniversary of the inaugural Mardis Gras march in Sydney on June 24, 1978, as well as paying tribute to the Stonewall riots that took place on June 28, 1969, following a violent police raid on a gay bar in New York.

Representing a coalition of trans rights and community groups, including the Rainbow Rights Coalition, the United Workers Union, Community Action for Rainbow Rights, Pride in Protest, and the NSW Civil Liberties Council, the demonstrators called for strengthened anti-discrimination laws.

These laws would provide safeguards for trans individuals during the job application process, while seeking housing, and when accessing healthcare and education.

Protesters called for the reinstatement of the Safe Schools program, which would 'educate' students about gender diversity, as well as the recognition of an individual's chosen gender identity without necessitating gender reassignment surgery.

However, the rally was not without its share of adversity. Prior to the event, Rachel Evans, spokesperson for the Rainbow Rights Coalition, disclosed that the group had received 'menacing calls' with blocked caller IDs, blaming right-wing organisations.

She said that the organisation would be 'vigilant' in monitoring further threats and was yet to contact the police, claiming past experiences where authorities failed to act upon previous death threats targeting queer activists.

Among the voices that resounded at the rally was Jess Hooley, an activist and 78er, denoting those who participated in the inaugural Sydney Mardis Gras parade.

Hooley spoke of the 'importance of bodily autonomy,' stating:

"Trans people claim the right to choose to live our genders by claiming ownership of our bodies."

She tried to draw parallels between this struggle and feminist battles, linking both movements as advocating for rational self-determination and bodily autonomy.

Hooley further urged LGBTQI+ supporters to rally together, transcending any hierarchical divisions and embracing unity.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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