Transparency under attack as Health Canada accused of misleading Canadians with COVID-19 messaging

Amid disclosures of once top-secret COVID-19 vaccine contracts between Pfizer and various countries, Health Canada’s possibly deceptive promotion of safety and efficacy leaves at least one lawyer questioning how this hinders the agency's credibility.

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Two years ago the Canadian government released redacted COVID-19 vaccine contracts and it’s raised eyebrows ever since, prompting many inquiring minds to be increasingly curious about the legally binding implications of novel mRNA mass injection.

The once-secret vaccine contract between COVID-19 novel mRNA manufacturer Pfizer and South Africa has now been made public and, according to at least one lawyer, it means that Health Canada knew it was misleading people with their “safe and effective” messaging.

As a result, legal advocate and lawyer Daniel Freiheit took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to state that Health Canada is in “big trouble.”

He says this contract is the same as Slovenia, and likely the same as Canada’s, while highlighting that “long-term effects and efficacy not currently known."

Health Canada knew, he posted, and misled Canadians.

But if Health Canada misled people on the safe and effective messaging, and judges took judicial notice of that as face-value fact, then what legal ramifications could this have?

“I think the whole topic of judicial notice, even among the judges, is a contentious topic,” says Freiheit.

Now that there is more information coming out maybe it isn't such an obvious fact that you just accept it from Health Canada without further questioning. There are quite a few of us lawyers scratching our heads… How do they just assume or accept safety and efficacy as fact when you can challenge all kinds of things with those claims?

Overall, Freiheit hopes to see Health Canada provide people with a full scope of information so that they can make their own informed decisions. Denouncing vaccine mandates wouldn’t hurt, either.

“The problem is that a lot of these institutions take recommendations or information from Health Canada and they twist it,” he says, noting that this gets turned into mandates and requirements.

Health Canada, if they really wanted to step up, they would speak out against mandates because that's causing more health consequences than COVID in many regards. Socially, the fact that people's lives have been devastated by these mandates. The mandates have created a separate public health issue that Health Canada now needs to address.

In June Rebel News reported on the non-disclosure agreements signed by various government officials to view the secret procurement contracts.

The question on everyone’s mind at the time was: did the Canadian government waive liability for COVID-19 manufacturers, knowing full well that they were authorizing an unprecedented product that did not undergo rigorous safety testing?

The bill for these novel pharmaceutical products ran approximately $5 billion dollars from December 2020 to May 2022.

Facing scrutiny about Canada’s hefty redactions, Liberal MP and parliamentary secretary for public services and procurement, Anthony Housefather, explained that waiving liability was the reason.

That’s because Pfizer had to move at the speed of science, as explained by the pharmaceutical faints president of international developed markets, Janine Small, in the European parliament last year.

And if Health Canada knew and did, in fact, mislead Canadians, then the need for transparency and accountability remains crucial when addressing the complexities around liability.

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