Treaty talks could grant tax exemption to aboriginal Victorians

Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan confirms potential race-based tax exemption as part of treaty negotiations.

Treaty talks could grant tax exemption to aboriginal Victorians
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Aboriginal Victorians might find relief from state taxes as discussions on the treaty process unfold, with Premier Jacinta Allan acknowledging the possibility, stating it would be "on the table" for negotiation.

Former Treaty Advancement Commissioner Jill Gallagher outlined ten essential reforms she believes should constitute a statewide treaty. These include exemptions from land tax, stamp duty, and council rates for Aboriginal people, along with interest-free loans for home purchases, and the introduction of designated seats on local councils.

When questioned about the proposal, Premier Allan refrained from confirming specifics but affirmed that various matters would be open for discussion during the treaty negotiations slated for later this year.

"We are going through a treaty process, and out of respect to the negotiations, I'm not going to engage in a separate negotiation through the media with treaty representatives," Allan stated.

The Premier emphasised the 'need to approach negotiations in good faith' and to respect the established framework for the treaty process, which involves the government and the First Peoples Assembly.

Gallagher claimed the importance of treaty in securing a better future for Indigenous communities.

She reiterated the demands, including provisions for cultural preservation, educational opportunities, and improved visibility of Aboriginal cultures.

"Treaty has the power to flip the script and change this. Treaty will make sure our 65,000 years of rich culture is once again visible on the landscape of this country," Gallagher claimed.

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