Truckers’ Convoy for Freedom: Regular fed up Canadians or racists with unacceptable beliefs like Trudeau says?

Regular freedom-loving patriots show up in Hamilton, Ontario despite Prime Minister Trudeau smearing those who supported the truckers as having “unacceptable views” and just a “fringe minority.” Is that true? Hear what the average Canadian has to say.

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The truckers for freedom convoy 2022 started back in late January in British Columbia and went across the country with a demand to end all COVID restrictions and vaccine restrictions imposed on all Canadians.

With his minority government, Prime Minister Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act - never seen before in Canada’s history in its modern rendition from the War Measures act his father used back in the 80s. 

This was after he slandered those who supported this civil liberties movement fighting for Canadian’s fundamental rights enshrined in the Charter of Rights as a “fringe minority” and who hold “unacceptable views”. I wanted to ask the crowd that came out in support of the truckers in their movement what they thought on the very weekend that the convoy arrived in Ottawa, January 29th, 2022.

Every Saturday between 12 to 4 pm in front of Hamilton’s Cityhall, demonstrators for freedom protest outside with their signs to the busy road of commuters who drive by. This weekend was different, over a hundred supporters came out in the -20 freezing weather to show their support for the Freedom Convoy 2022. Canadian flags waved throughout the crowd, as cars and trucks honked in solidarity as they passed by.

I asked them their thoughts on the hypocrisy from our Prime Minister who slandered them for having pro-freedom beliefs, whereas Trudeau has openly supported the charter rights of Omar Khadr’s 10 million dollar payout from his government, and even sympathized with the Boston bombers prior to being elected in an interview with the CBC.

Why would Justin Trudeau and his ministers antagonize them and truckers as threats to public safety, even going so far as to call them potential “rapists”?

The people of Hamilton had a lot to say about Trudeau’s lies.

If you’d like to see all of our coverage from the last two months of in-depth coverage inside the demonstration, head over to There you chip in towards our team’s travel costs to bring you the stories that you won’t see on the state broadcaster or corporate media. We’ve had reporters in Ottawa for nearly a month while they reported on this story. Some reporters even traveled through the nation to follow the convoy's movements and now we have a special correspondent inside the US convoy happening right now.

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