'Arrest Trudeau!' PM confronted with protesters during Toronto visit after Liberals drop in polls

While attending an opening ceremony with a special guest, the President of Portugal, Trudeau faced a crowd of protesters armed with megaphones.

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Justin Trudeau is fresh from hosting the 2023 Liberal Party caucus retreat where the Liberals plotted how best to revamp the PM's worsening public image as Canada faces several crises and the Liberals face a double-digit drop in the polls.

On September 15th, 2023, The Prime Minister welcomed President Marcelo Rebelo De Sousa of Portugal to the city of Toronto, which included a photo opportunity and an opening ceremony of a photo exhibit of the Portuguese Diaspora.

Whenever Trudeau comes to the Greater Toronto Area, protesters jump to the opportunity to air their grievances towards the leader of Canada. Citizens of the country are facing a severe housing crisis as a direct result of the Liberals' never-seen-before immigration rates, and record high inflation as a result of the careless spending of the Federal government throughout the pandemic, exacerbated by the increasing carbon tax that raises the price of household goods and fuel.

I went to the Metro Hall in downtown Toronto to interview those who came out to voice their concerns to the PM and his entourage. Many say that in their opinion, Justin Trudeau is to blame directly for many of the issues that they are facing and this is their only outlet to hold him accountable.

Recent polling has come out from Abacus that has the Pierre Poilievre Conservatives ahead by double-digit points, 15 ahead of the Justin Trudeau Liberals, and steadily increasing over the last several months. There is conversation around whether or not the PM must resign as leader if he hopes for the Liberal Party to retain seats, due to his image.

When asked if some of their vulgarness is disrespectful to the office of Canada's prime minister, protesters say he deserves everything that comes to him after his demonization of fellow citizens during the 2021 election campaign where he ran on dividing people based on whether or not they took the mRNA jab. See for yourself what compels the protesters against Trudeau to come out in full force wherever he attends in the GTA by watching the video above.

If you'd like to see more of our on-the-ground reporting, head over to RebelFieldReports.com to chip in towards our travel costs, and on that same website, you can see all of our field reports from across the country.

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