Trudeau Liberals continue to target natural health products with Bill C-47

Increased costs, reduction of choice, and potential supply issues all seem to be likely consequences of Bill C-47.

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Many Canadians have shared concerns about Liberal Bill C-47, namely that it will adversely impact the access to and affordability of natural health products. 70% of Canadians use safe and effective natural health products to support healthy lifestyles, maintain strong immune systems, manage pain, reduce stress… the list goes on. Natural health products often serve as a reliable and affordable alternative to big pharma solutions for people in Canada.

Trudeau’s Liberal government wants to bog down our nation’s natural health product industry  which already has some of the strictest quality assurance mechanisms in the world  with red tape measures that would reduce availability and selection while driving up costs of health products (even more than they already have with inflation) that have been safely used in Canada for decades.

NDP and Liberal supporters, once strong advocates for healthy holistic alternatives to big pharma, now seem indifferent to the federal Liberal-NDP coalition now targeting these industries. Dr. Stephen Ellis, Conservative Shadow Minister for Health, and Calgary MP Tom Kmiec, however, do not share the apathy of the coalition, and they recently issued a letter to Liberal Health Minister Mark Holland calling for these newly passed regulations to be postponed indefinitely.

To learn more about the potential consequences of this bill, I was joined by Dr. Rob Roth, President of the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta. Dr. Roth broke down the types of products likely to be affected, whether there is any need or demand for these new regulations, and how people’s health and medical care choices, and their doctor’s capacity to help them, should be respected and supported, not regulated out of existence.

We also discussed the clear contrast in approaches between Alberta’s provincial leadership and the Trudeau Liberals. Dr. Roth lauded Danielle Smith for her efforts to see that people’s health and wellbeing, and his industry's efforts to help people with natural solutions, aren’t undermined by lawmakers in Ottawa who stand to benefit financially from increased taxes and costs being foisted upon them with these new regulations.

Dr. Roth additionally pointed out that some smaller companies might simply cease to exist, further limiting choice and market competition, given the burdensome costs associated with the bill.

Ultimately, increased costs, reduction of choice and potential supply issues all seem to be likely if not altogether inevitable consequences of Bill C-47. With no clear impetus for the bill in the first place beyond the now standard bureaucratic bloating that is the Ottawa red-tape machine, people are rightfully concerned that the Trudeau Liberals are once again overstepping into people’s personal healthcare choices and that people may suffer as a result.

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