Trudeau’s $1700 per-plate fundraiser crashed and blockaded by far-left anti-Israel activists

The agitators — feeling emboldened by growing disruptions across Canada without police action — rushed the prime minister’s stage to send a message just hours before a ceasefire deal was made in the Israel-Hamas war.

Trudeau’s $1700 per-plate fundraiser crashed and blockaded by far-left anti-Israel activists
The Canadian Press/Sean Kilpatrick and Instagram/palestinianyouthmovement
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On the evening of November 21, 2023, the Liberal Party of Canada held a fundraiser outside of the country’s capital in Kanata’s Brookstreet Hotel. The event was targeted by far-left Hamas sympathizers who blocked cars from entering and leaving, while another group ran to the podium, shutting the event down.

In a video proudly posted to Meta’s Instagram by a Palestinian account that has justified the October 7 massacre of Israelis by the terrorist group Hamas, you can see almost half a dozen protesters run through the closed room where supporters of the Trudeau Liberals look shocked while witnessing their actions.

“Ceasefire now!” the young far-leftists chanted while security walked calmly behind them.

Canadian political commentator Rowan asked if Liberal MP Leah Taylor Roy would condemn these actions, after she was outraged over Canadian farmers peacefully protesting her party’s infamous carbon tax on Parliament Hill, in contrast to the disruptions caused by the pro-Palestinians across Canada in the last month.

“Far-left anti Israel protestors disrupted $1,700 event where Justin Trudeau’s egalitarian Liberals ironically were to speak about affordability - vehicular traffic impeded  

Will Liberal MP @Leah_Taylor_Roy condemn this? 'Sounds like the Convoy again!'”

Earlier in the week, a similar group of young far-leftists anti-Israel protesters shut down a CN Railway track in Manitoba while holding the flags of Canada and Israel stitched together with “genocidiers” in black lettering on top.

Independent reporter Dacey Media posted footage on X (formerly Twitter) where you can see the demonstrators running through the hotel just before they burst into the private room where the Liberal MPs, including the PM, were holding the fundraiser.

“Long live Gaza! Long live Palestine!” they shouted.

It also shows over 50 protesters holding Palestinian flags gathered outside of the venue on the sidewalk, blocking the cars from entering and leaving.

Western Standard show host Cory Morgan chimed in on X, slamming the group.

“If the pro-Hamas mobs keep antagonizing Trudeau, they may push him off his weathervane and make him take a solid stance in favour of Israel.”

At seemingly the same time, the Israeli government approved a Qatari-brokered deal for a temporary ceasefire that includes 50 hostages released from Hamas for 150 Palestinian prisoners.

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