Trudeau's Agriculture Department hires climate consultant to push costly, yield-killing business practices on farmers

The new hire will identify parts of the federal government's climate change agenda that are 'perceived by producers as penalizing them' and convince farmers to adopt them.

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The Agriculture Department is hiring a climate change consultant to convince farmers to adopt expensive, yield killing business practices.

Agri-Food Canada's new hire will identify parts of the federal government's climate change agenda that are "perceived by producers as penalizing them" and convince farmers to adopt them.

The job posting to Merx relates to the Agriculture Department's Business Risk Management (BRM) program, which encourages farmers to take expensive steps to cut their carbon footprint and help the Liberals meet their climate change targets at all costs.

It's all part of the Liberal's climate change manifesto wherein food must be more expensive and farmers must be poorer to make the weather better. Science, you see.

The consultant will persuade farmers to make on-farm changes for greener practices, focusing on reducing pollution rather than simply being less polluting, as farmers are concerned about environmental impact.

The health of the environment is the health of our farms, but we don't think taxes change the weather, and we know CO2 is plant food, not the thermostat for global temperatures the Liberals claim it is.

The consultant will:

a. Identify elements of the design and/or implementation of each BRM program that could be perceived by producers, as penalizing them or incentivizing them to adjust their farming or business practices and which could have an impact on on-farm decisions related to climate change adaptation and/or mitigation;

b. Identify and assess potential changes to BRM program design that could increase producer incentives or minimize producer disincentives for climate change adaptation or mitigation.

The feds have come under scrutiny for the Liberals' growing and increasingly unaccountable "consultant culture," with federal agencies increasingly hiring outside contractors with little oversight and less to show for the millions spent on programs like ArriveCAN.

The consultant will have to sell farmers on Trudeau's wildly unpopular attacks on agriculture. The Prime Minister promised a 30% reduction in fertilizer use for farmers on top of his escalating carbon tax, mimicking policies that led to mass protests in the Netherlands and a change in the Dutch government.

Let's hope Trudeau's plans and that of the government are met with the same fate.

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