Trudeau's $1B green slush fund whistleblower exposes corruption and high-level cover-ups

Justin Trudeau's Liberals are embroiled in yet another scandal, this time involving a $1 billion green slush fund as a whistleblower comes forward with allegations of corruption and cover-ups along with a squandering of tax dollars and flagrant disregard for ethics.

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As Canadians face increasing hardships — losing their homes, families struggling to make ends meet, record numbers at food banks — the Liberal Party of Canada is preoccupied with letting industry insiders line their pockets.

A whistleblower has recently come forward in Parliament with scathing allegations involving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s $1 billion green slush fund, including a nexus of corruption and coordinated efforts to cover it up.

The cover-up indicated high-level conflicts of interest, taxpayer money squandering, gross mismanagement and evidence of a highly toxic work environment.

“Nearly 200 companies have received over $80 million, improperly funded by taxpayer dollars,” the whistleblower shares, citing claims backed by documents, transcripts and recordings.

One of those recordings is of the Chief Financial Officer of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, Doug McConnachie.

“There’s a lot of sloppiness and laziness,” he can be heard saying. “There is some outright incompetence and, you know, the situation is just kind of untenable at this point. I think the minister is going to flip out when he hears this stuff.”

The allegations involve Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

The executive team and board of directors had to be strategically addressed, according to the recording of McConnachie.

“The discussion will be the mechanisms for getting them out,” he said.

There were two members of the SDTC tasked with operating independently of the board, who were explicitly put in place to protect shareholders. That is, the Canadian public.

Kathleen Sendall and Ed Vandenberg failed in this duty.

All of this has caused conservative MP Michael Barrett to ask, “Who got rich?”

Will the Liberals finally be held accountable for their continued corruption and flagrant disregard for ethics? And where is the RCMP? Perhaps too preoccupied with diversity, tolerance and inclusivity training.

This is only the tip of yet another conflict of interest-riddled iceberg says MP Barrett, so stay tuned.

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