Trump campaign claims Sidney Powell is not on legal team

Trump campaign claims Sidney Powell is not on legal team

Sidney Powell, who recently rose to fame over her claims of having evidence to demonstrate widespread election fraud, has allegedly been removed from the Trump campaign's legal team. 

On November 22, Team Trump legal advisor Jenna Ellis posted a statement from Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani, which read that Powell was "not a member of the Trump legal team," nor was she a lawyer for the President in a personal capacity.

The statement immediately confused and shocked social media users, who had seen Powell representing the Trump legal efforts on multiple occasions during recent press conferences and on television shows.

As recently as November 14, Donald Trump tweeted the names of those on his legal team, which included Sidney Powell.

In response to Giuliani's statement, Powell released a letter to the press acknowledging that she was not apart of the legal team, but stating that she would be continuing to pursue her own legal cases against various electoral discrepancies.

The Trump campaign's apparent distancing from Powell comes just two days after Fox News personality Tucker Carlson slammed her on his popular late-night show, accusing her of not being able to provide the evidence she claimed to have regarding voter fraud when invited to do so by his team.

Carlson's interrogation followed a Thursday news conference where Powell made headlines for asserting that a server hosting evidence of voting irregularities was located in Germany, and that voting software used by Georgia and other states to deliberately switch votes from Trump to Biden was created at the direction of Hugo Chavez. Chavez, former President of Venezuela, passed away in 2013.