WATCH: Trustworthy? World Economic Forum pushes 'rebuilding trust and governance' as key theme

Rebel News' Jeremy Loffredo spoke to World Economic Forum attendees in Davos, Switzerland to gain insight into whether or not people are open to 'rebuilding trust' with the influential elite at the annual gathering.

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During The World Economic Forum’s annual Davos meeting, the face of the tiny resort town in the alps totally transforms into a type of 3D advertisement for some of the world’s most sinister corporations.

Many of the corporations at Davos progress-washing themselves played an integral role in the massive failure which is the global response to COVID-19.

Facebook (now Meta) took up an entire block with a museum-like interactive display of their plan for the Metaverse. The big tech giant partnered with Pharma-funded think tanks and fact-checkers to silence and censor all criticism of government COVID policies. These are policies that are now generally accepted as harmful.

Palantir, a controversial data-mining firm, also has a giant exhibit in Davos. Palantir is partnered with intelligence agencies all over the world including America’s CIA and NSA. The firm has garnered criticism for its predictive policing programs that aim to “stop criminals before they commit crimes” using advanced AI technology.
The same technology has now been reinvented to “stop COVID outbreaks before they happen” through a partnership with the CDC.

IBM, a tech behemoth that aided Nazi Germany, is not new to controversy. IBM has most recently designed the vaccine passports in New York City that’s creating what some critics are calling a two-tiered society.

Accenture, also taking up an entire street corner at Davos, is a Fortune 500 information technology company and a founding partner of the Gates Foundation’s ID2020 project. The project officially aims to leverage COVID vaccination campaigns to achieve sprawling biometric digital identity systems. Accenture is also a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum’s “Platform for a Good Digital Identity.”

The theme for this year's elite Davos meeting is “Working Together to regain trust.”

Do the elites understand that by locking everyone down, taking everyone's job, and by mandating a dubious medical intervention they lost public trust?

I asked the people here in Davos about this theme, and why they believe trust has been lost.

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