WATCH: Tucker Carlson takes on Trudeau, calls for freedom in Calgary

The former Fox News commentator caused the Trudeau Liberals to have fits for daring to discuss issues that are critical to Canadians.

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Former Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson's trip to Alberta has caused quite a stir. Backers of the boisterous Carlson gave the American a raucous welcome when he stepped on stage but his critics, including those in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's cabinet, were unimpressed by his remarks.

Speaking at Calgary’s TELUS Convention Centre, Carlson took aim at a number of Trudeau's left-wing policies, criticizing the immigration crisis that is driving up costs for Canadians. 

He also revealed that part of his family heritage was Canadian, noting he had British loyalist ancestors who fled to Nova Scotia during the American revolution.

"You should dislike and resist Justin Trudeau and his government to the maximum extent of your ability," the commentator said. "But before you do that, you should just laugh at him until you can't breathe. Seriously, the guy's showing up for a costume party when no one else is."

Carlson's remarks drew the ire of Trudeau's cabinet ministers, who had no shortage of condemnation for his comments made during the "Liberate Canada" speaking events.

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault told reporters he was "targeted" at the event.

"This increases political violence against everyone who runs for office in this country," Guilbeault said.

Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, meanwhile, called on Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre to condemn Carlson's comments.

"He wants to be prime minister of this country. What happened last night is not acceptable," Rodriguez told reporters.

The Liberals have been increasing their rhetoric in an attempt to link Poilievre to former U.S. president Donald Trump, who has floated Carlson's name as a potential running mate for 2024's election.

"What we're seeing from these MAGA conservatives is an approach on going back on fundamental rights in ways we shouldn't be seeing," Trudeau told The Canadian Press in a year-end interview where he suggested Poilievre's Conservatives could restrict abortion rights.

Hear Carlson's full remarks from Calgary in the video above.

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