Two nurses talk COVID pandemic, patient reactions to vaccines

A pair of nurses share their experiences working during the pandemic and what types of reactions patients had after taking COVID vaccines.

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Nurses, once hailed as frontline heroes merely one year prior, are now losing their ability to earn an income based on their personal medical choices. For many of them who took the wait-and-see approach this comes as a direct result of seeing the adverse reactions caused by the COVID injectables.

In this interview, I converse with two nurses from the same hospital to get their perspectives, starting from the onset of the pandemic in March 2020 when they were told to wait for “the surge” that never actually happened, to what they’ve seen since the injections rolled out and how they’re being treated now — fired and put on leave without pay.

Both of their accounts reinforce what we’ve been hearing about for years: hospitals are chronically understaffed and, as a result of burn out and inability to run at full capacity, it’s the patients that suffer most.

Louise, who is a 30-year veteran nurse, spent 20 years in critical care and has worked at the hospital (that forced her into early retirement due to the vaccine mandate) for 23 years, with the last six years spent in the surgical outpatient unit.

She tells me that surgeries are already backlogged, but the operating room can only run at around 60 per cent capacity due to a shortage of adequately trained nurses.

And her anonymous colleague ascertains that patients coming into hospital with adverse reactions are being gaslight and sent for psychological evaluations. These evaluations usually lead to a diagnosis of anxiety or depression, which patients are then medicated for and their reaction swept under the rug.

The hospital administrators who don’t see or treat patients, who sit in comfy chairs tucked far away from the frontlines in their offices, have discarded these qualified, ready and willing to continually brave the frontlines nurses.

Both of these principled nurses have either left or been terminated from their positions despite critical nursing shortages, in the middle of an alleged pandemic. And it’s patients who will suffer most.

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  • By David Menzies

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