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uCalgary asks professors to prepare for campus closure amid coronavirus outbreak

uCalgary asks professors to prepare for campus closure amid coronavirus outbreak
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The University of Calgary has ordered all course instructors to prepare course material to be delivered in an online format.

The University administration has struck a Crisis Management Team and will “inform [students] immediately” if lecture theatres, exams, and campus gatherings are suspended, said uCalgary Provost Dr. Dru Marshall.

Professors will need to prepare to teach and administer course material for the 30,000 students who may be told to stay home, to avoid community spread of the Wuhan Flu.

The email was sent out early this morning.

Schools across the world have been preparing to deal with the viral outbreak, as lecture theatres are hotbeds for viral spread.

Italian schools have been delivering course material online for a week now, with the government mandating that all schools remain closed until April 3.

Recorded cases of the Wuhan Flu doubled in Alberta on Tuesday, from seven to 14. Currently, Alberta Health Services claims that there has been no community spread, and close contacts of those 14 have been all followed up.

The University of Calgary says they are taking advice directly from the WHO and Alberta Health Services.

A “considerable amount of work has been going on” to prepare in the event classes need be suspended, Marshall said.

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  • By Mocha Bezirgan

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