Ukrainian Holocaust denier meets with Justin Trudeau

'Andriy Melnyk is a passionate defender of the Nazis, and he has caused international incidents over it,' said Ezra.

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On the weekend, Justin Trudeau made a trip to Ukraine, and he was greeted by a Ukrainian politician named Andriy Melnyk.

"Andriy Melnyk, he met Trudeau and was touring him around the capital. Now, I read Mark McKinnon's entire story in The Globe Mail, and it doesn't mention Melnyk. Same with every other media company that covered the trip," said Ezra.

"None of them mentioned Melnyk, but there's no chance they didn't know who he is."

"He's the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine. That's why he was meeting Trudeau and touring him around. That's why he was the official greeter. But he's much more than that. He's a notorious Holocaust denier and Nazi sympathizer. For real? I mean, a real Nazi. Not a Nazi like Trudeau calls anyone who disagrees with them," Ezra added.

Ezra also said that Andre Melnyk is a passionate defender of the Nazis, and he has caused international incidents over it. Andre Melnyk was on the record very proudly and stubbornly defending the Nazi project in Ukraine.

Watch the clip of Andriy Melnyk below:

After listening to that clip, Ezra said:

That was part of a lengthy conversation he [Andriy Melnyk] denies that the Nazis killed 800,000 Ukrainian Jews. He he said there was zero evidence of it. He said that Germany and Poland and Israel were all lying about it.

In effect, he said those countries were faking the Holocaust and that it didn't actually happen that way. Those countries were shocked. Poland and Israel lodged an official diplomatic protest.

Germany, which doesn't take kindly to Holocaust deniers, pressed Ukraine to dismiss Melnyk as their Ambassador to Germany.

And again, Melnyk literally caused an international incident by championing the leading Ukrainian Nazi leader. It was so serious, Ukraine actually caved and fired him.

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