Ultimate Alberta election recap: breaking down Danielle Smith's big victory

Relive the night that was as Rebel News covered the United Conservative Party's victory in Alberta's provincial election.

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Last night, Danielle Smith and the United Conservative Party claimed victory over Rachel Notley and the New Democrats. Smith, having become premier after winning a UCP leadership contest following Jason Kenney's resignation, overcame a challenge from both external and internal opposition.

Along with Notley's hopes of returning to premiership, which received a boost from positive coverage from the Media Party, Smith received little support from Kenney and his loyalists within the government after she took over.

Rebel News was on-scene at the UCP campaign headquarters yesterday, where we heard from a number of guests throughout the night as the results rolled in. Below is a compilation of their thoughts on Alberta's election:

Is the UCP 'united'?

After divisions within the party led to Kenney receiving just 51% support from members in a leadership review vote, this election was a test of the unity of the United Conservative Party. Conservative political watcher and activist Brad Tennant weighed in on the issue last night.

Role of independent media

The legacy media had a preferred candidate in Rachel Notley, which left it up to independent media outlets to get the real story out, Kris Sims from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation said.

Top issues to voters

Rebel News journalist Alex Dhaliwal got a first-hand account of how the NDP treated independent press, having been kicked out of the party's event before even asking a question. Alex touched on what it was like covering the election and what it issues mattered to voters.

Alberta can lead on gun rights

With her sovereignty act, the appointment of a new chief firearms officer and a willingness to fight Justin Trudeau's legislation, Tracey Wilson of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights spoke about how under a Danielle Smith government, Alberta can lead the charge in fighting the federal government's gun grab.

Key role of the Coutts blockade

Having spent time embedded with the protesters at the Coutts border blockade, Syd Fizzard discussed the pivotal role the demonstration played in the ouster of Kenney and the subsequent shift in direction the party took after Smith became leader.

NDP smears fail to land

MLA Mike Davis talked about how the New Democrats' attempts to smear the UCP, particularly on health care, failed. The how people are realizing that left-wing policies, like so-called harm reduction care, destroying lives and failing to help addicts. 

Affordability trumps net zero

Cost of living was an issue almost certainly on the minds of Albertan voters, said Keith Wilson, a lawyer who represented the Freedom Convoy. The radical net-zero policies put forward by the NDP would devastate the economy even further, while the UCP's message of affordability was attract votes, he added.

Who will Smith pick for cabinet?

Now with Kenney's chosen cabinet fully dissolved, former Maverick Party candidate Tariq Elnaga told us how curious he was to see who Danielle Smith would choose as fresh faces in the Alberta government.

Smith's victory speech

Adam Soos and Sheila Gunn Reid had live reaction to the premier's victory speech and share messages sent in by Rebel News viewers.

Supporters: Before and After

In addition to appearing for analysis, Syd Fizzard spoke to UCP supporters at party's headquarters before and after results started rolling in to hear their hopes and thoughts on for night's outcome, including insight from True North contributor Rachel Emmanuel.

Notley's concession

Watch as Adam and Sheila struggle to sit through NDP Leader Rachel Notley's concession speech before her grand finale: she's staying on as leader.

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