“We can't have unions holding everyone hostage”: Unifor's Fuel Co-op protest meets resistance

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United We Roll, the same convoy group that drove across the country nearly a year ago to protest Bill C-69 and 48 reunited over the weekend for another hurdle the oil and gas industry is facing; this time, it is as downstream as it gets.

The Carseland Co-op fuel hub has become an unlikely centre of a labour fight occurring over 700km away. The hub provides refined fuel products to Co-op gas stations, card-locks, independent gas stations, and to farmers who buy in bulk directly.

Unifor thugs, who have repeatedly left Federated Co-op Limited at the bargaining table, resorting to mob-like tactics both within and out of province. These Unifor members have travelled to Alberta to blockade access to the fuel hub in Carseland that is relied on by thousands of Albertans.

The scene was buzzing with police officers from all over Southern Alberta who wanted to ensure the mass crossing of the illegal picket line went smoothly. Upon the arrival of United We Roll, the Union folded and allowed the iconic firetruck “OP-22,” and the rest of the convoy into the cardlock area. The convoy was met by jeering from the picketers.

After disobeying Jerry Dias’ illegal union blockade, Glen Carritt, the leader of the convoy approached the blockaders to ask them to clarify their position, and if they will finally allow local traffic into the card-lock facility. Perhaps wanting to avoid confrontation, the blockaders claimed that locals have always been allowed in, and they have been nothing but polite to locals. This is directly contradicted by video evidence of union workers fighting with locals, physically, over them accessing the facility.

It is not clear if the Province of Alberta will direct it’s new RAPID Force to break up this ongoing example of rural crime.

For more on this developing story, please visit UnionThugs.ca.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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