Vial contaminants unearthed in mRNA vaccines igniting safety debate and deepening public concern

The unveiling of undisclosed DNA particles and other contaminants in the mRNA injections continues to raise concerns about regulatory oversight and long-term safety. Restrictions on scientific freedoms have limited the public's access to these findings, further emphasizing the need for comprehensive research and informed consent regarding the novel biologics.

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Independent citizen scientists have raised alarms over the discovery of undisclosed DNA particles and other concerning contaminants found in the novel mRNA injections amid ongoing regulatory oversight issues.

Yet restrictions on scientific freedoms and free speech have stifled the public's access to these findings.

The injections were rolled out quickly – at the “speed of science” – according to one Pfizer executive in the European parliament last year.

Quality concerns around these novel biologics and the instability of lipid nanoparticles – the encasing surrounding the mRNA platform – have been raised as issues since 2021, as previously featured by Rebel News.

Now, undisclosed DNA contaminants and other undisclosed elements found within the vials of these novel biologics raise questions about the robustness of the regulatory process and long-term safety.

Experts such as genomics expert Kevin McKernan have been vocal about these concerns and have been further validated by various others including Dr. Phillip Buckhaults and Dr. Janci Lindsay in a state senate health committee.

The potential reproductive health concerns associated with these products confirm the safety issue first raised by immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle in May of 2021.

Canadian senior research scientist Dr. Laura Braden has been vocal with similar concerns.

Scrutinizing the regulatory process surrounding mRNA injections and raising questions about the safety and transparency of these medical interventions should not be stifled by the state. Instead, both citizens and healthcare professionals should heed the insights of subject matter experts and diligently conduct thorough research to ensure consent is truly informed by reliable information and backed by comprehensive data.

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