WATCH: WA cops keep up the FIGHT against unjust vaccine mandates

Officers unite to challenge authorities in an ongoing battle for justice.

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In a bold stand against unjust vaccine mandates, a group of officers from WA Police in Australia have joined forces to fight for their rights and the rights of other affected workers.

Stood down senior constables Ben Falconer and Lance French are challenging the implementation of the mandates, which have had a widespread impact on various industries amid the ongoing battle against authoritarian directives issues during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Undeterred by initial setbacks in the Supreme Court, the determined officers have consulted their lawyers and found grounds for an appeal.

They firmly believe that a panel of justices should reevaluate the evidence and the initial decision, recognising the broader implications and the need to protect individual liberties.

Critics have questioned why these officers didn't take action earlier during the pandemic.

However, they clarify that they have been actively engaged in behind-the-scenes efforts, attending rallies, signing petitions, and working with their police union to apply pressure on the WA Police Commissioner and the Premier in order to prevent the enforcement of the mandates.

Their aim has always been to safeguard not only their own rights but also the rights of future generations and other industries impacted by these mandates.

The decision to challenge the mandates has come at a significant personal cost for the officers. Lance, reflecting on the loss of career prospects, acknowledges the sacrifice but pointed to the importance of doing what is right.

Similarly, Jordan McDonald, a former detective senior constable who resigned from the force, shares the pain of starting afresh at nearly 30 years old.

However, the trio remains steadfast in their belief that standing up against unjust mandates is worth the personal hardships they face.

Despite the challenges they have encountered, these officers maintain their unwavering commitment to fighting for justice.

They are calling for the repeal of the legislation that grants the government greater control over people's lives during emergencies.

According to them, the government's demonstrated appetite for utilising this legislation necessitates continuous resistance until it is repealed.

Their fight extends beyond their own rights — it serves as a resounding message to future generations, urging them to question and resist unjust measures.

By demonstrating that standing up for what is right can yield positive results, they aim to inspire their colleagues and prevent similar situations from arising in the future.

The group of officers are prepared to take their fight to the High Court if necessary. For those interested in supporting them or finding more information about their case, please click here.

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