Warren Mundine considers legal action over racist attacks

'No' campaigner endures ongoing abuse over his stance on the Indigenous advisory body.

Warren Mundine considers legal action over racist attacks
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No campaign leader Warren Mundine says he is considering legal action against key Voice to Parliament architect Noel Pearson over a “racist attack”.

Mundine told Sky News he had been subject to ongoing racist abuse over his views on the Indigenous advisory body.

The abuse had been so bad, he said, he had twice considered taking his own life.

He alleged that Pearson had made racist attacks against him and against shadow indigenous affairs minister Jacinta Price.

In an article published in The Australian in May, Pearson claimed the pair were “just a front for the Centre for Independent Studies and the IPA think tanks”.

“They are just glove puppets. The voice is Indigenous but the words are scripted by the clever children of the IPA. The fists inside the puppets punching down on Indigenous people are white,” Mr Pearson wrote.

Mundine slammed the lack of scrutiny of Yes campaigners and said he was considering legal action against Pearson.

“You know the most racist comments were made by Noel Pearson against me,” Mundine said.

“I would love to see you put the pressures on that... he said that Jacinta Price and I are just puppets for white people. That is a disgraceful aboriginal attack, a racist attack on an aboriginal person.

“And we know now that we’re looking at suing the bloke because of those racist attacks.”

Pearson said at the weekend the Voice would not win public support if campaigners “trolled” those who disagreed with them.

On news that Mundine had considered taking his own life, Pearson told Sky News:

“It’s terrible, heartbreaking. Warren’s a brother of mine, he and I have been roughly on the same page for 20 years on Aboriginal policy.”

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