WATCH: Biden's border crisis continues unabated

'One of the darker aspects is that there are many people that will actually smuggle kids who are not theirs and pretend to be a family unit so they have less chance of being deported.'

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, we were joined from the United States' southern border by Rebel News' Juan Mendoza to discuss the ongoing influx of migrants and subsequent crime surge in the area of Yuma, Arizona.

As witnessed firsthand by Juan, the Biden Administration appears either unwilling or unable to effectively address the huge numbers of illegal migrants crossing over the border and into the country each month.

The journey can be incredibly dangerous for the migrants, as Juan recently spoke with asylum seekers who found a 3-year-old boy all alone in the desert. The threat of violence, extortion, or robbery from the cartels is also a constant worry.

Speaking specifically on the Yuma section of the border, Juan said, "One of the things that we have seen from the Yuma sector that is different from say, the Rio Grande Valley in Del Rio, Texas, is that we've been seeing people crossing here from not just Latin America, we've been seeing people coming from Russia, from India, from China. Border Patrol tells me there's over 25 countries they've seen people come into Yuma from."

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