WATCH: Ex-cop fights back over mandates

Queensland officer stood down over vaccine stance speaks out

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The good cops are still out there.

A group of emergency and health workers are set to have their legal challenge heard in the Supreme Court after their appeal against Queensland’s vaccine mandates was successful.

There will be a three-day hearing in February 2022 after the December 2021 hearing was re-scheduled.

Rebel News reporter Yasmin Sawyer spoke with one police officer who received an email informing him of the mandate which resulted in him being stood down without pay. He faces losing his job.

I’m just your average bloke,” said Michael Bennett. “I live in Logan, I’ve got a mortgage, I’ve got bills to pay. I’ve got a dog and a home life. Queensland Police Union have supplied me with some legal advice so they’ve been helpful to work me through the process. Other than that, the burden of proof is on me to supply that evidence to essentially keep my job.

Bennett was given one week to either get an exemption or take the vaccine otherwise he would be sacked. Getting an exemption is such a short time frame proved impossible due to the lack of proper paperwork between medical professionals and the government.

My doctor has since told me that he works for a corporation – in his words – he’s under orders not to write any medical exemption – for vaccination under any circumstances – if he does, he will be fired.”

People like Bennett have found it very difficult to navigate the legal ground necessary to save their jobs in the face of state vaccine mandates.

This has to stop. I know that there’s a pandemic on, but in my mind that’s not a good enough reason to take people’s rights over their own body away,” added Bennett.

Bennett has kept a video diary of his struggle. He loves his job and does not want to lose it – nor does he want anyone else to face being stood down over their medical status.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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