WATCH LIVE: Kerry Cotterill's Supreme Court appeal

The Melbourne grandmother's appeal is finally being heard today

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Melbourne grandmother Kerry Cotterill's case will be heard by The Court of Appeal today as part of her legal fight against the tyrannical Dan Andrews' Labor government.

Kerry was outrageously fined in 2020 for using her one hour of "government-sanctioned" exercise to protest the Premier's harsh Covid-19 lockdown, holding a sign that read 'TOOT to BOOT' with a caricature of Dan's face while she was walking alone and masked within the 5km limit of her home.


Despite not breaking any restrictions, Kerry was slapped with a fine from Victorian Police officer and, thanks to your support, she was able to have the matter heard in the Supreme Court. Rebel News is backing Kerry's appeal because we believe it is an essential fight against unjustified decisions which impacted so many Victorians and trampled over the hard-fought freedoms which made Australia one of the greatest countries in the world.


For over a year, Kerry's legal team, led by top criminal lawyer Madeleine Smith and constitutional specialist barrister Kathleen Foley have been preparing for today.

Her case has a real prospect of success and certainly is of significant public importance. Ensuring the government can never use another "emergency" to abuse the fundamental right of political communication ... especially in protest.

But Kerry needs your help to finally get the job done

Between counsel, court fees and expert witnesses, her first 3-day trial cost over $140,000, which you guys were so generous in helping cover. And now, we have a final bill of $90,000 for everything associated with Kerry's appeal. This is the last chance to save Victoria, even if the tyrant somehow wins the election later this month.

Please give what you can using the donation form on this page to support Kerry's appeal fund.

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