WATCH: Perth mum and daughter's dramatic cafe arrest

Cops march family out of cafe for ‘working while unvaccinated and serving non-jabbed customers’

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Police in Perth have dragged an owner and her daughter out of their cafe for the crimes of ‘working while unvaccinated’ and ‘serving unvaccinated customers’.

Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan’s health mandates essentially have left the unvaccinated without access to their jobs or businesses.

In scenes that are difficult to watch, half a dozen police put the mother and daughter in handcuffs in front of their customers at the Topolinis Caffe.

My wife and daughter have both been arrested by the police this afternoon. They have been held in custody for a few hours,” said Phil Jardine, the woman’s husband and cafe co-owner.

The crowd cheered when she was returned to him for an embrace.

It’s a mother and daughter. And we were in a cell. I’m just saying – we’re going to have to tell my grandchild, and your child (to her daughter), that we were arrested because we were standing up for our children and grandchildren. And that’s what I’m doing,” said Jodie Jardine, through tears.

The cafe reopened on Tuesday, with Mr Jardine stating, “I can’t stand down. If I stand down, they win.”

Police have continued to visit the business and have warned the owners of their obligations required under the Emergency Management Act.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison continues to insist that Covid vaccination is ‘not mandatory’ and has recently publicly supported Premier McGowan.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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