WATCH: Two more COVID fines THROWN OUT of Melbourne court

Fight The Fines campaign successful again

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A Melbourne grandmother is relieved her ordeal is finally over after Rebel News helped her have her unlawful fines thrown out of court.

In late 2020, Anastasia and her daughter were caught up in confronting scenes as police violently enforced Chief Health Officer (CHO) Brett Sutton's orders on the streets of Melbourne.

"They held us against our will," she said.

"My daughter and I went there, met up, had breakfast. I wasn't out of my ... 10km, I think it was at the time, restriction. So I was within my right to be there.

"There was so many police that turned up and they rounded us up for almost two hours.

"They took us down a little bit further towards Parliament House where there was a group of police that had set up tables to take everybody's details.

"I don't see why it's illegal to protest, we do live in a democratic country but it seems like that is going out the window."

Anastasia and her daughter were fined $1652 each for allegedly attending a mass gathering in breach of the CHO directions.

"I don't like doing anything illegal and this really affected me because I'm thinking 'I'm a law-abiding citizen, I've never broken any rules'," she said.

Rebel News takes on as many cases as we can afford.

We have one case that has to the High Court of Victoria and another two in the Supreme Court in NSW.

We're fighting for the little guy and it makes it worthwhile when we can help people like Anastasia get these fines thrown out. Please consider donating using the form on this page. With your support, we can continue to take on their fight.

We're not afraid of taking cases further to help set a precedent so people like Anastasia aren't subjected to over-zealous policing in their own neighbourhood.

"It was very disturbing and very upsetting for lots of us to be there," she said.

"Especially when I witnessed people being physically abused and elderly people being held against their will, needing to go to the bathroom and so on.

"We couldn't understand why we were put in this position in the first place."

Share the good news far and wide, let people know that if you stand up and fight these fines you can win.

Let's work together to get as many good outcomes as possible. If you are willing and able donate what you can, using the form on this page. Any amount helps us fight for those who need our help.

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