'We stood for you, will you stand for us?' UCP members grill Jason Kenney, MLAs

Premier Kenney and United Conservative Party MLAs fielded questions from party members at the annual general meeting.

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One of the highlights of the United Conservative Party annual general meeting was a “bearpit” session on Saturday evening.

Members of the Legislative Assembly, including Premier Jason Kenney, took to the stage for an open microphone Q&A session where the UCP membership could ask tough questions.

Surprisingly, there seemed to be no effort to limit or control questions at all, and the MLAs remained on stage answering questions on a wide variety of topics for nearly two hours, going far beyond the scheduled one-hour period.

While the scripted portions of the UCP AGM touched on COVID restrictions and vaccine passports briefly, largely emphasizing the party's fiscal growth and campaign promises being kept.

Once the unscripted questions started flowing the extent to which vaccine mandates have dominated the underlying concerns and divisions among the party membership became apparent.

Jason Kenney and Alberta Health Minster Jason Copping were put face to face with people sharing some truly heartbreaking stories of adverse medical reactions, job losses and hardships that have directly resulted from their policies.

While the sympathy of MLAs to these stories may have been heartfelt, and their willingness to respond directly was laudable, it seemed apparent to most that the answers did not adequately address the magnitude of the tragic stories being brought forward, and the lack of action to remedy these all to commons stories speaks louder than any sound bite ever could.

We’ve pulled some of the tough questions that UCP members and attendees asked of their MLAs so that you can judge their responses for yourself.

We had our cameras rolling to ensure that even if you missed the AGM, you could still hear what your elected officials had to say on these important matters, but we were only able to be there because of your generous support. If you want to help us continue to hold politicians accountable and to tell the other side of the story, you can contribute at RealReporters.ca.

If you, like the UCP members concerned about vaccine mandates in this video, and you have had enough of the medical segregation that is currently dividing us as Canadians, consider making a tax-receipt eligible donation to FightVaccinePassports.com.

Any contributions go to The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity. Those funds are then used to hire lawyers and to challenge vaccine passports in court.

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