Weekly death stats in Canada show COVID hasn't DEVASTATED the country

With a daily focus on new COVID-19 cases and deaths, things can often seem dark and depressing during the ongoing pandemic. Just last week for example, Ontario reached a grim milestone: a new record high in daily deaths linked to the virus. Yesterday Canada's largest province saw the most number of people hospitalized during this second wave.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned that Canadians that “we have a long winter ahead.

And yet things are not exactly as they seem. On yesterday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Ezra Levant took a look at some numbers provided by Statistics Canada. The weekly death rate, measured by the dotted line on the graph, shows a spike in deaths in March, before tapering off in June, and has even dipped well below average. Looking at different age brackets and different provinces reveals that 2020 isn't all that far off from the average trends.

Don't just read the headlines every day, take a look at the numbers for yourself. You might be surprised.