We're in America, covering the U.S. election fallout!

Can you help fund our independent journalism on the ground here? I want to bring you the other side of the story, but I need your help to fund my security costs, airfare, and train tickets as I travel across America.

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The 2020 Election is gearing up to be the most contentious in recent memory.

So much is on the line for so many Americans — safety, security, social cohesion, and the fate of the economy.

Even Canadians have a stake in this election, with concerns surrounding the completion of Keystone XL and the reopening of our shared border, so family members can finally see each other again.

But as we expected, detractors have already started violently rebelling against the still-incomplete democratic process.

Protesters and rioters have taken to the streets across America, terrorizing businesses and civilians.

I am going to be on the ground for Rebel News in Washington D.C., (and maybe other cities!) to bring you the news you need about what is really happening on the streets of America as the country continues to wait for the results of a very uncertain — or, in the words of Donald Trump, a "very strange" — election.

I bought my ticket at 2 a.m., and had to get on a plane just a few hours later. 

If you can help cover the costs of my economy travel — and my security — please chip in a few dollars by going to www.Rebel2020.com.

Your support for Rebel News and our independent journalism is invaluable.

As always, I am going to try and bring you all sides of the story, and report on what the mainstream media can’t, or won't.

View some of my live Twitter coverage:

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