Where is PRGuy? Dan Andrews' troll goes missing in action

Social media is rife with speculation as the Victorian Premier's brand takes a hit without Troll-in-Chief PRGuy17

Where is PRGuy? Dan Andrews' troll goes missing in action
Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and the profile image used by anonymous troll PRGuy17
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Anonymous Twitter troll PRGuy17 has gone missing in action after the account went completely silent last week.

The infamous troll account, which has more than 57,000 followers, usually posts multiple tweets per day, championing the virtues of the Dan Andrews regime or aggressively going after the Premier's detractors online.

PRGuy's last activity on Twitter was a retweet shared on February 25.

Rebel News lawyers filed in the Federal Court earlier in the month to compel Silicon Valley giant Twitter to reveal personal details related to the account.

PRGuy's disappearance on Twitter coincided with the Premier's office advertising for a Media Manager and Social Media Advisor on LinkedIn.

'PRGuy' was again trending on Twitter today with rumours circulating to try and explain the troll's odd disappearance from the platform.

The Premier has come under heavy criticism for his handling of the pandemic which, over two years, saw large scale protests break out in the city against harsh vaccine mandates, restrictions and over-zealous policing.

Last week Mr Andrews refused to answer questions about whether he had been interviewed by IBAC, the state's anti-corruption watchdog which is investigating the conduct of the United Firefighters Union (UFU) and the Victorian government during negotiations over a controversial workplace agreement for the Country Fire Authority (CFA) in 2015 and 2016.

Earlier in February, rogue MP Adem Somyurek's motion for the 'red shirts' scandal to be investigated by the Ombudsman and anti-corruption commission was carried 19 votes to 17, with MP Kaushaliya Vaghela sensationally crossing the floor.

Ms Vaghela then went on to lash the Premier with claims of toxic bullying within the Andrews government.

Mr Andrews was also forced to dump plans for a $800m housing tax just 10 days after announcing it, following a backlash from the property sector.

Public backlash against the Andrews' government has continued to grow in the absence of PRGuy's key role in spinning public opinion on social media in The Premier's favour.

The PRGuy account started up in 2020 and was almost immediately flocked to and followed by a large amount of left-wing, blue-tick verified Twitter accounts – which is unusual for new anonymous accounts. It was this attention that started the rumours that the account was operated by someone of significance.

Since then PRGuy17 has crossed the line. One recent incident involved (now deleted) comments posted about Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini in which PRGuy17 accused him of being a ‘threat to Australia’s national security’ and a ‘criminal’ along with unfounded comments about ‘far-right’ activism.

UPDATE: Barely minutes after this report went live, 'PRGuy17' tweeted out confirmation that his/her google alerts are working.


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